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Shipping & Returns

We're thrilled you're considering buying from TWK Custom . On this page you'll find all the information we could think of that you might have wanted to know about ordering stuff from us:


Shipping Cost Calculation


We calculate shipping charges based on your location, the total weight of your order, and the number of boxes in the order. While shopping our store you'll be able to enter your ZIP code and state to find out your your shipping cost at any point, without entering your credit card information. Most shipments go out via USPS or FedEx Ground; if you order a whole bunch of stuff, there's a chance it'll go out via FedEx Freight or a similar freight carrier.


Please note: All orders going to Canada will have a $25 customs/brokerage fee added to the total after the sale.


Sales Tax


We collect sales tax on orders shipped to or picked up in Pennsylvania, our home state. We also collect the GST portion of the HST from all Canadian customers. (The PST portion will come as a separate bill.)


Payment Details


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.


Order Cancellation


If you need to cancel or change your order, call us right away at (201)400-4352. If we haven't prepared your order by the time we talk with you or pick up your message, you can cancel any part of your order without any fee. But if we're already in the middle of preparing your order, we may have to charge a 25% cancellation fee, depending on what you ordered and where we are in the process of preparing it.


No order can be canceled after it enters the shipping process.FedEx Ground map showing transit time in business days from Philipsburg, PA


Estimated Shipping Time


Most TWK Custom orders will leave our facilities in central Pennsylvania five to seven business days from the date of order.


When your order ships, you'll get a shipping confirmation email from us with a link to your tracking info. After that, transit time via our default method, FedEx Ground, ranges from one to five additional business days in the continental U.S., depending on where you are.


So, we can usually get your order to you pretty quickly, but if there's a specific date by which you definitely need your order, please give us a call at (201)400-4352.


Safe Delivery


We guarantee that any purchases made at TWK Custom will arrive in perfect condition, but fulfilling that guarantee in the unlikely case you do receive damaged goods depends on you: Please open and inspect your order before signing for it. We never ship damaged product, but occasionally FedEx will have an accident on their way to your door. If your shipment is damaged, please refuse the package and email us ASAP at Sales@twkcustom.com with digital photos of the damage.


Picking Up Orders


If you happen to live in central Pennsylvania or will be passing through, you're welcome to pick up your order if you'd like. Just call us at (201)400-4352 immediately after placing your order so we can refund you the shipping charge and give you directions. Please be advised, however, that we're not a brick and mortar store in any way, so you won't be able to come here to browse or shop.


International Orders


We can ship virtually anywhere in the world, but sales outside the U.S. and Canada are absolutely non-refundable and non-returnable. In addition, our online store here doesn't handle international orders, so please email us at Sales@twkcustom.com for a quote. Finally, duties, taxes, tariffs, brokerage fees and the like will be your responsibility and will not be included in your quote.


Our Return Policy


If for some reason you want to return a product, please call us within five business days of receiving it. Your return will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Shipping will be your responsibility, although we can schedule pick-up for you.



Did we miss something? If you have a question or concern that isn't answered here , please call us at (201)400-4352 or email us at Sales@twkcustom.com